Our Mission

It’s not something you think about every day – the chance to save the life of someone you love, or a perfect stranger, by becoming an organ donor.┬áBut there are thousands of Australians whose lives depends on it, every year.


Our mission is to:

Raise public awareness of the benefits of organ and tissue donation


Spread knowledge and information about organ and tissue donation for Australians to ensure they understand the process of becoming a registered donor


Encourage choice around organ and tissue donation and to embrace the views of both those who chose to donate, or not donate, their organs.

We aim to be a resource for people looking for the facts about organ and tissue donation in Australia and how to register their intent. Major policy changes in this area in recent years have led to widespread misconceptions about how to become a registered organ donor in Australia.

SLDO will also raise funds to provide financial support for those involved in the organ donation or organ transplant process, organ transplant surgery, or ongoing medical treatment.

Why are we doing this? Read our story to learn more.